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European Commission Urban Joint Program Initiative Governing Board

UBDC Director, Prof. Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah will present at the JPI Urban Europe Governing Board Meeting on the Urban Big Data Centre: Innovations for Sustainable and Socially Just Cities. The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen and co-ordinate European research and innovation within the urban development field.

09.03.15 | External Engagement

Urban Studies Lunchtime Workshop: Spatiotemporal Analysis of House Prices in Fife, Scotland, 2003-2012

Dr Jing Yao Lecturer in Urban Big Data and Quantitative Methods, Urban Big Data Centre, University of Glasgow The real estate market has long provided an active application area for spatial-temporal modelling and analysis. It is well known that house prices tend to be not only spatially but also temporally correlated. In the spatial dimension,...

02.03.15 | Workshop

Watching online behaviours to improve government services

Abstract: Watching online behaviours to improve government services Online behaviours such as web use, social media posts, and the use of online forums provide evidence of citizens' interactions with government services and also evidence of citizens' interactions with each other.  Patterns in this behaviour can tell us new things about the way...

26.02.15 | Seminar

CR&DALL Seminar: Learning through Intergenerational Practice

This will be a half-day seminar to introduce aspects of intergenerational learning, tutoring and research. The day will be introduced by UBDC Director, Prof. Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah, who will speak on links between lifelong learning and the aims of the centre (for example, inclusion, access and transportation). The first speaker will be P...

24.02.15 | Seminar