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Royal Statistical Society Conference; Poverty and deprivation: Statistics for Action

UBDC Associate Director, Prof. Nick Bailey, speaks during Session 2 regarding: Places: What are the local/devolved administration/UK needs? - Council Chamber

10.02.15 | External Engagement

Urban Studies Lunchtime Workshop: Transportation infrastructure as a regional policy tool in Norway

This event is part of the Urban Studies Lunchtime Workshop Series. Dr David McArthur Lecturer in Transport Studies, Urban Big Data Centre, University of Glasgow One of the key regional policy issues in Norway is how to counteract the ongoing process of urbanisation. Investments in transport infrastructure have played an important part in thes...

09.02.15 | Workshop

Dr Alasdair Rae: From data to wisdom? Spatial data visualisation as a policy tool

Dr Alasdair Rae, University of Sheffield Joint event with the Sustainability Network Please register via Eventbrite Abstract Dr Rae's work focuses on the current vogue for big data visualisation and its potential usefulness as a tool to guide, inform and promote public policy. We now have more data than ever before, more powerful tools with...

04.02.15 | Seminar

UK High Performance Computing and Big Data Summit 2015

UBDC Director, Prof. Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah speaks on: Urban Big Data Centre Case Study: Addressing the Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges Facing Cities Researching complex urban issues such as transport, employment, housing and education through HPC and analysis of multi-sectoral urban big data Developing secure and effici...

03.02.15 | External Engagement