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Alasdair Gray Seminar: Data Integration in a Big Data Context

Data is being generated all around us – from our smart phones tracking our movement through a city to the city itself sensing various properties and reacting to various conditions. However, to maximise the potential from all this data, it needs to be combined and coerced into models that enable analysis and interpretation. In this talk Alasdair...

02.09.15 | Seminar

Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis

This course is ideal for individuals who have completed the Introduction to R course or who have equivalent knowledge and prior experience in GIS/spatial analysis. If you want to advance your skills in spatial analysis using a free, open source software, then this course is for you. Participants who would benefit from this course include: socia...

27.08.15 | Training

Introduction to R

R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It has become increasingly popular in the last decade in both academia and industry as a tool for computational statistics, visualisation and data science. Because it is open source software, it is free to use and its easy to view and learn from th...

26.08.15 | Training

Introduction to Network Analysis in ArcGIS

This course is ideal for individuals who completed the Introduction to Geographic Information Science (GIS) Using ArcGIS course or have prior knowledge of ArcGIS and want to enhance their skill set with Network Analysis, a tool for solving complex routing problems. Participants who would benefit from this course include: social science research...

21.08.15 | Training