SASNet Seminar: Active Travel to School - Francesca Hogg, Sustrans

Monday 23 October 2017
11:00 - 12:30 BST
Sir Alwyn Williams Building, Level 5, Glasgow, G12 8QN

The Urban Big Data Centre is pleased to host a free seminar on Monday 23rd October to be presented by Francesca Hogg from the Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit.  

Registration is now available via Eventbrite. If you require any further information please contact

This seminar will present the methodology and findings of research that has been carried out by Sustrans, to investigate the relationship between behaviour change interventions (delivered by Sustrans and partners) and small-scale infrastructure delivery on how children travel to school. This seeks to understand what interventions (and combinations of interventions) are most effective at achieving increased active travel to school among pupils.

The research focuses on active travel to school and on data from primary schools in Scotland. The Hands Up Scotland Survey (HUSS) is an official statistic on how children travel to school that is published annually by Scotland. The HUSS dataset is examined alongside three years of data on the delivery of interventions by Sustrans and partners, Scottish government data on deprivation and rural/urban categorisation and geo-spatial data to better understand the impact of Sustrans’ interventions on active travel to school, including how this is influenced by other factors.

Course contents/outcomes:

  • To provide an overview of the effectiveness of behaviour change interventions on active travel to school in Scotland
  • Outline an understanding of other socio-demographic and geographic factors that influence active travel to school
  • Discuss methodological challenges in investigating school travel behaviour

Presenter biography

Francesca Hogg has worked in Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit since January 2013 and is based in Newcastle. She is an expert on data collection and analysis in the context of education and young people. Francesca manages Sustrans’ monitoring of its principal schools-based behaviour change programmes in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Additionally, Francesca has worked monitoring a range of behaviour change projects at Sustrans in communities and workplaces and also works as part of the team who deliver Bike Life, a biannual survey of cycling perceptions and attitudes among the residents of seven UK cities.