Complex Networks Approaches to Supply Chain Management

Tuesday, 24 January, 2017
10:30am - 1:30pm
Sir Alwyn Williams Building, Glasgow, G12 8QN

The Urban Big Data Centre's first free SASNet training seminar of 2017 will be delivered by our partners from the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre.

In this training course, Dr Guven Demirel and Professor Vania Sena will give an introductory overview of supply chain management, and will then provide an introduction to basic network concepts and measures, illustrating how these can be used on real-life data. They will discuss how complex networks approaches can provide insights on the relationships between the supply chain network structure and the response to disturbances and disruptions. They will investigate dynamical as well as structural properties of supply chain networks and their implications for stability.

In the past couple of decades, supply chain networks have become highly complex due to trends such as elongation, globalisation, and intertwining of different functions and business units. The complexity has manifested itself in the cascading effects of local disruptions throughout supply chain networks, which were particularly evident in a number of high-profile supply chain failure incidents. Resilience and robustness reflect the capability of supply chain networks to withstand and recover from such shocks.

Our objective is to establish an introductory understanding of supply chain management and the founding principles of different complex network approaches in the context of supply chain networks. No prior knowledge is required.