Using Cycling Flow Data to Analyse Injury Risk

Monday 27 November 2017
10:30 - 12:00 GMT
Sir Alwyn Williams Building, Level 5, Glasgow, G12 8QN

The Urban Big Data Centre's next free seminar will take place on Monday 27th November (10:30-12pm) as we welcome Dr Rachel Aldred, a reader in Transport at the University of Westminster, to talk about her research insights into cycling injury risk.

Registration is now available via Eventbrite. If you require any further information please contact

Rachel will introduce the use of the case-control method to study cycling injury risk, comparing this to case-crossover approaches. After outlining some examples, she will describe her pilot case-control study of cycling injury risk in London in 2013-4, including dataset issues and results. There will be time for discussion covering the strengths and weaknesses of the method, the range of datasets that could be used (and their limitations), and how the insights can be used to improve injury risk research.

 Seminar contents:

  • An understanding of limitations in road injury research, and the strengths and weaknesses of case-control and case-crossover approaches
  • An understanding of how geographical datasets, from OSM data to Strava Metro and modelled flow data, can be used to generate new insights about injury risk


Background reading/Abstract:

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  • Transport for London (2017) Cynemon - Cycling Network Model for London, presentation by Aled Davies to Cycling@Teatime, March 2017
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Presenter biography

Dr Rachel Aldred is Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster. In her research she focuses particularly on active and sustainable travel, using a variety of methods from mathematical modelling, to qualitative interviews, to GIS analysis, to cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys. Rachel has advised a range of organisations, national and regional, on issues related to active travel. She has recently been studying cyclist and pedestrian injury risk, analysing disparities in cycling take-up and the reasons for this, and leading evaluations of large and small interventions to encourage uptake of active travel. Her work has won prizes for research impact from ESRC and from stakeholder organisations. Rachel's personal website is at and she tweets at @RachelAldred.