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SICSA Future Cities: The Economy of Collaboration

UBDC Research Associate, Dr Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka, will be presenting at this one-day event, which follows on from the SICSA Future Cities “Bottom-Up” Workshop 2014, exploring current and future initiatives in grassroots future cities, focussing the role of digital technologies and the collaborative economy: the mobilisation and infrastructurin...

02.03.17 | Workshop

Working with Administrative Data: From Ideas to Research

The SASNet project's programme of training and capacity building events continues with a free training seminar on research with administrative data. Leading urban and social science increasingly use individual level data collected by public bodies, companies or other organisations for research purposes. The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) at the U...

09.02.17 | Seminar

Reboot Helsinki, Tampere and Finland with Big Data

UBDC Director Professor Vonu Thakuriah will be giving a keynote presentation on An Overview of the Urban Big Data Centre at this event in Finland. Cities of Helsinki and Tampere and the University of Tampere have launched the Urban Big Data Project. With this Project Helsinki and Tampere will develop their capability to create exploitable big d...

26.01.17 | External Engagement

Complex Networks Approaches to Supply Chain Management

The Urban Big Data Centre's first free SASNet training seminar of 2017 will be delivered by our partners from the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre. In this training course, Dr Guven Demirel and Professor Vania Sena will give an introductory overview of supply chain management, and will then provide an introduction to basic net...

24.01.17 | Seminar