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Ethnic-led collaborative toponomy with “Pueblo Cofán” (A'l) in the Colombian Amazon

In this webinar, we will hear about the ethnic-led strategy that Instituto Geográfico Agustin Codazzi and the Amazon Conservation Team jointly developed towards the conservation and survival of original peoples through a collaborative toponomy exercise with the “Pueblo Cofán” (A'l) in the Colombian Amazon. Note: This webinar will be primarily i...

19.09.23 | Seminar

Ethnic-led collaborative mapping in the Colombian Amazon

UBDC and UCL DPU present this in-person workshop on ethnic-led collaborative mapping in the Colombian Amazon. The ethnic-led strategy to collaboratively map the ancestral territory of “Pueblo Cofán” (A'l) is aimed at ensuring the conservation and survival of original peoples in the Colombian Amazon. The Instituto Geográfico Agustin Codazzi (IGA...

15.09.23 | Workshop

"Slum" Modelling COP Info Session #3

Join this IDEAMAPS Network Meetup to build a community of practice in sharing ideas to help us all develop more accurate, scalable, and relevant results. The Integrated Deprived Area Mapping System (IDEAMAPS) Network brings together silo-ed "slum" mapping traditions to generate maps of urban deprivation routinely and accurately at scale across...

15.09.23 | Meet Up

UBDC Meetup: Crowdsourced Data - From Mobile Apps to Citizen Science

At this UBDC Meetup networking event we will be sharing experiences of working with crowdsourced data. Big data is an important tool for understanding the world around us. With smartphones and internet connected devices come new ways to gather data directly from individuals. At the same time, there is an increased emphasis on public...

25.07.23 | Meet Up