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Ethnic-led collaborative toponomy with “Pueblo Cofán” (A'l) in the Colombian Amazon

In this webinar, we will hear about the ethnic-led strategy that Instituto Geográfico Agustin Codazzi and the Amazon Conservation Team jointly developed towards the conservation and survival of original peoples through a collaborative toponomy exercise with the “Pueblo Cofán” (A'l) in the Colombian Amazon. Note: This webinar will be primarily i...

19.09.23 | Seminar

Adzuna webinar

This webinar will introduce delegates to the Adzuna dataset. The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) has renewed the licence for Adzuna data and access to recent data is now available. Adzuna searches thousands of websites and brings together millions of advertisements on their website. Adzuna aims to be the most abundant classified ads site on the we...

19.04.23 | Seminar

GISRUK UBDC Data Challenge

The UBDC will host a data challenge for this year’s GISRUK conference in support of the sustainable levelling up agenda. For this data challenge, three datasets have been chosen from the Urban Big Data Centre’s data catalogue, each covering a different domain. During this event, participants will give 5-minute lightning talks exploring, visuali...

19.04.23 | Seminar

Classifying 3D point clouds by using weakly-supervised deep learning

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to prepare a training and validation dataset for applying weakly-supervised deep learning models using LIDAR data from Glasgow as our example. City 3D models can be a useful data source not just for 3D visualization, but also for urban environment assessment and analysis such as flooding simulation, urban...

23.03.23 | Seminar