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The UBDC runs a wide range of events: providing information on our services, training people in the skills required to use them and disseminating results.

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MaaS Scotland Conference Online

Dr David McArthur, Associate Director for Training and Capacity Building and Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies, will be speaking at the MaaS Scotland Conference 2020. Across this two-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to join up to seven sessions covering a range of topics that will impact the direction and delivery of MaaS...

30.09.20 | External Engagement

Scotland Policy Conference on Reviewing Curriculum for Excellence

University of Glasgow PhD Student, and UBDC associate, Barry Black will be a keynote speaker at this online conference that will assess the next steps for Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. Barry will be speaking on 'Priorities for Scotland’s exam system'. The agenda: Progress of the independent review of Curriculum for Excellence The i...

06.10.20 | External Engagement

Using new forms of data to analyse cycling activity

As part of our interactive Data Dives series, we will be helping you to use new forms of data to analyse cycling activity. The benefits of cycling have been well examined for several decades. It could reduce car-dependency, air pollution and improve public health. Based on these factors, many local authorities in the UK have implemented several...

06.10.20 | Training

Exploring learning city inclusion with diverse education data

As part of our interactive Data Dives series, we will be helping you to use diverse education data to explore learning city inclusion. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)’s Learning Cities agenda promotes education across all sectors and environments, but the success of its initiatives have not been rig...

13.10.20 | Training