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The UBDC runs a wide range of events: providing information on our services, training people in the skills required to use them and disseminating results.

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Using geocoded online transactions to analyse socio-economic segregation

In this UBDC webinar, Christoph Zangger and Fabio Roncaglioni describe their work on using online transaction data to analyse socio-economic segregation Abstract In this study, we leverage publicly shared online transactions from Switzerland's largest online retailer. These transactions, accompanied by user-specified municipality data, are geoco...

31.10.23 | Seminar

UBDC Training - Introduction to R

This training course led by data scientists from UBDC provides an introduction to the data analysis tool R.   As a powerful open-source tool for data analysis, R is increasingly popular with people working with data. The purpose of this course is to get people started with R and R Studio, covering skills such as loading data into R, describing d...

09.11.23 | Training