The Future of the Future City

15.05.17 | Event Link

The Future of the Future City? The Sustainable Metropolis and the Possibility of an Interdisciplinary Urbanism

Michael Keith
Director of COMPAS and Co-director of the Oxford programme for the Future of Cities

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Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence: Health and Social Care

05.05.17 | Event Link | Watch Video

Transforming Data Into Actionable Intelligence: Health and Social Care

Manira Ahmad, Philip Johnston and Richmond Davies
Information Services Division, NHS Services Scotland

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Smart Mobility and Smart Cities

22.03.17 | Event Link

Smart Mobility and Smart Cities: Access & Opportunities

Carla Bailo
Assistant Vice President, Mobility Research and Business Development
The Ohio State University

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Working with Administrative Data: From Ideas to Research

09.02.17 | Event Link | Watch Video

Facilitating research: the role of UBDC and the ESRC Big Data Network

Dr Mirjam Allik

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Research Data and the Data Protection Act

Ms Stacey Harper

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Myths and Realities of Using Administrative Data for Research

Ms Leslie Stevens

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My Experience with Administrative Data

Dr Catherine Stewart and Dr Ruth Dundas 

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Data Access Applications and Safe Havens

Ms Amy Tilbrook

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Research with Administrative Data - The Process at UBDC

Dr Mirjam Allik

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