PhD Studentship: Housing and welfare in times of 'austerity'


Applications are invited for a PhD studentship to commence in October 2015. The studentship is funded by the University of Glasgow and will be based at the Urban Big Data Centre. It offers an excellent opportunity for an outstanding candidate to join a world-leading interdisciplinary research group. The studentship will play an important role int eh development of the UBDC's academic mission. 

To apply, please follow the instructions on the PhD Studentships page. Applications are due on Monday, 15th June at 4:00pm BST.

Housing and welfare in times of ‘austerity’

This PhD will address an important contemporary issue for housing policy in UK, exploiting the growing availability of linked administrative data. The context for the work is provided by the on-going processes of ‘austerity’. Welfare expenditures have been particularly severely hit, including welfare benefits and local public services such as social care. More generally, the context is the move away from a system where low income households were able to access social housing towards a greater reliance on private renting and home ownership. The research might focus on the impacts of the rapid growth of private renting in the UK. It could examine the consequence of this for different areas of the city or for the welfare of different groups. Another focus might be on the impacts of welfare reform which has reduced benefit entitlements for many groups, especially those of working age. This includes caps on total benefit payments as well as greater limits on housing benefits in particular (the ‘bedroom tax’). A third focus might be on the changing operation of the homelessness system. While the legal rights of homeless households have not changed a great deal in recent years, practice has clearly moved towards an increasing reliance on directing people towards the private rented sector, rather than rehousing in secure social tenancies. These topics are indicative but not meant to exclude other suggestions.



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