Our Urban Sensing & Analytics research explores how sensing technologies can enhance traditional urban research and how new data analytics methods can be used to solve urban challenges.

The overall aim of this theme is to collect higher quality new forms of urban big data via sensing technologies and use advanced analytical methodologies to analyse this data to better inform urban policies.

Theme Lead

Dr Qunshan Zhao

Learn more about our work on Urban Sensing & Analytics by exploring the research projects below.

Urban remote sensing

Remotely sensed images and the corresponding analytical techniques offer a comprehensive approach to observing a...

Using spare CCTV capacity to monitor activity on city streets

The monitoring of activity on our city streets has a broad interest for local planners and policy makers. This...

Sensor-enhanced housing surveys

This project seeks to develop a framework for using and collecting data from a range of home-based sensors to un...

Video analytics to monitor activity in city streets

Video analytics can provide enhanced metrics on the level of activity of pedestrians and vehicles on our city st...