Population movements and economic effect – the economic benefits of urban migration

Is immigration good for urban economies? This is one of the most pressing and politically sensitive social questions in the UK today, with profound implications for a range of policy decisions.

Does immigration lead to a net reduction or increase in available jobs? What attracts and repels migrants? What causes some migrant communities to remain concentrated and others to disperse? And what are the long-term impacts on house prices, market fragmentation/dynamics and economic agglomeration? While migration has attracted much interest and research, there remain significant limitations to existing knowledge, not least due to the failure to join-up the effects on multiple sectors (transport, education, firm location, housing, crime and the environment).

This project draws together a leading international team to exploit the potential of the linked Big Data resource using a cutting-edge Integrated Multi-sectoral Model (IMM) to examine these questions.


Project Lead: Gwilym Pryce

Researchers: Wenjie WuBernard FingletonGeoff Meen

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