New sources of data for social science research

Monday 15 January 2018
12:30 – 16:40 GMT
Jisc, Brettenham House, 5 Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN

This free half-day event provides an opportunity to catch up with new sources of data for social science research.

Presentations will cover examples of research use cases and ways to access each of the following sources of data in the UK:

  • Administrative data
  • Biomarker and genetics data
  • Consumer data

For each of these sources of data we will give an overview and consider how they can be used to extend your options for exploring social science research questions.

This event is hosted by the UK Data Service and is organised collaboratively by the Administrative Data Research Network, BLGDRC, CALLS-Hub, Centre for Longitudinal Studies, CDRC, CLOSER, NCRM, UBDC, UK Data Service and Understanding Society.

Registration is available via Eventbrite.

Level: Introductory

Experience/knowledge required: None

Target audience: Aimed at researchers from academia or elsewhere who want to know more about new sources of data are that are available for social sciences research in the UK

This event has been planned the day before the NCRM event 'Creating Data Policy in a Changing Data Landscape: A Workshop' to enable you to attend both.