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Are Slow Internet Connections Limiting Home Working Opportunities?

Dr David McArthur and Dr Jinhyun Hong from the Urban Big Data Centre will present at this UBDC research seminar. Abstract The restrictions introduced by governments around the world to slow the spread of COVID19 led to a substantial rise in the level of home working. As workplaces have reopened, many workers have expressed a desire to work fro...

23.08.22 | Seminar

AI and big trip data for understanding willingness to rideshare

Dr Ziqi Li, Lecture in GIScience, University of Glasgow, will present at this UBDC research seminar. Abstract Carpool-style ridesharing, compared to traditional solo ride-hailing, can reduce traffic congestion, cut per-passenger carbon emissions, reduce parking infrastructure, and provide a more cost-effective way to travel. Despite these bene...

28.07.22 | Seminar

Public transport accessibility in Great Britain: An open dataset

Rafael Verduzco, PhD Student Researcher, will present at this UBDC research seminar. Abstract Understanding how access to amenities by public transport varies across space is important in a wide variety of urban research, e.g., unemployment risks, property and land valuation, or gentrification issues. A considerable amount of empirical researc...

28.06.22 | Seminar

Waterproofing Data: Engaging citizens for data-driven sustainability

The closing workshop for the Waterproofing Data project will be hosted by UBDC at the Advanced Research Centre (ARC). Climate change is causing extreme weather events to become more frequent and more severe. This raises serious challenges for many communities, including those vulnerable to flooding and other rain-related hazards. Extreme rainfa...

28.06.22 | Workshop