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From Google API to go-along interviews: mixing methods to understand active travel infrastructure, behaviour, and attitudes

Professor Rachel Aldred, Professor of Transport at the University of Westminster, and Director of the Active Travel Academy, will present at this UBDC research seminar. Abstract Rachel will reflect on how she and colleagues are using a range of methods and data sources to address key research questions related to active travel. Much work is ha...

23.06.22 | Seminar

UBDC Employment Data User Group webinar: Adzuna Jobs Listings data

This event, led by Heather Sinclair (UBDC Information Services Officer), will focus on Adzuna job listings data and is relevant for current and prospective users of the Adzuna dataset. This webinar is part of a series of events we have developed to facilitate discussion by the academic research community and data owners about sources, attribute...

24.05.22 | Seminar

Data visualization for decision makers

Professor Nick Holliman, Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Informatics at King’s College London and Director of CUSP London, will present at this UBDC research seminar. Abstract “Without good data, we are flying blind. If you can’t see it, you can’t solve it.” Kofi Anan, Nature, 2018. One of the lessons of the COVID19 pandemi...

19.05.22 | Seminar

What is Feminist Data Science?

Dr Lauren F. Klein, associate professor and director of the Digital Humanities Lab at Emory University, will present at this UBDC research seminar. Following Dr Klein's presentation, there will be the opportunity for attendees to pose questions. Abstract What is feminist data science? How is feminist thinking being incorporated into data-driv...

25.04.22 | Seminar