Adzuna Online Workshop: Job Skills and Location

Tuesday 3 October 2023
10:00 - 11:30 BST
Online (Zoom)

This UBDC Adzuna workshop brings together licensed users and focuses on job skills and location.

Users of UBDC's Adzuna data are invited to join this online workshop dedicated to bringing together users of this unique dataset.

Our main focus will be on job skills and location, two insights from Adzuna that carry the potential to inform policy on labour productivity, regional inequalities and economic growth.

Delegates will benefit from expert presentations on these important topics by James Neave, Head of Data Science at Adzuna, and Cath Sleeman, Head of Data Discovery at Nesta.

In addition, users will have the opportunity to learn how other researchers are leveraging Adzuna data in their own work.

Finally, delegates will be introduced to the new "Adzuna Users Community of Practice" Slack forum being launched to help users:

  • Understand Usage: Gain insight into how peers are leveraging Adzuna data.
  • Communicate with UBDC: Relay data-specific requests to UBDC.
  • Share Best Practices: Exchange knowledge and methodologies to elevate the quality and efficiency of research.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Explore potential joint research projects, promoting cooperation and synergy.


10:00-10.05 - Introduction to presenters, housekeeping and outline of agenda (Graeme Roy).

10.05-10.25 - James Neave (Adzuna) presentation.

10.25-10.45 - Cath Sleeman (Nesta) presentation.

5 minute break

10.50 - 11.20 - Short presentations (<5 minute) from delegates on data uses and research aims.

11.20 -11.30 - Introduction to Adzuna Slack forum (Sam Grant), followed by closing remarks.

Who should attend

This event is only open to Adzuna users licensed by UBDC. You can find out more about the Adzuna dataset via our data catalogue.