Funded by the ESRC, the UBDC brings together the expertise of urban social scientists, data scientists, and statisticians...

Our mission is to promote innovative research methods and the use of big data to improve social, economic, and environmental well-being in cities.

We also conduct our own studies to generate new knowledge and insights for use in city planning, policymaking, and big data analytics.

Our services are open to researchers, policymakers, third sector organisations, businesses, and citizens across the UK. We also advise and work in partnership with a wide range of universities, public bodies and governments worldwide.

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Whether you are a data owner wanting to get value from the data you collect; a policymaker seeking insights to inform national and urban planning; a social science or data science researcher exploring new academic avenues; or a data enthusiast aiming to identify or visualise new urban patterns, we can provide appropriate data, resources, training and expertise.

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