Education data


Our data collection from UCAS comprises aggregated queried data for full- and part-time students, (UK and non-UK domiciled) from years of entry to Higher Education study for years 2000 to 2015 inclusive, including linkage to integrated Multimedia City Data Project (iMCD) participants studying during this period.

  • Data owner: UCAS Media Ltd
  • Coverage (geographical): Various coverage including Glasgow, Scotland and whole of UK
  • Coverage (time): 2000 - 2015
  • More information: See data reports specification (DOC)
  • This is an example of data that we have acquired for limited project use via UBDC's Data Sourcing Service

Scottish Pupil Census Data

  • Data owner: ScotXed
  • Coverage (geographical): Scotland
  • Who can use this data? This data is personal administrative data, and therefore not generally accessible. It is an example of data that we have provided access to via UBDC's Controlled Data Service.



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