This is the first in a planned series of releases of this data product to reflect changes in transit schedules and location of services.

Please note that this dataset is not a new version of the original PTAI data. It is a completely new data product based on new methodology and source datasets.

The Public Transport Accessibility Indicators 2022 dataset offers a series of accessibility indicators at the Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) level covering the whole of Great Britain (GB) in the United Kingdom (UK). Indicators by public transport include a range of key amenities and services such as: employment; general practice (GP) surgery; hospital; grocery store; supermarket; primary school; secondary school; and urban centre.

  • Data Owner: Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC)
  • Coverage: Great Britain (Scotland, England, Wales, 2021)
  • Who can use this data? It is Open Data and can be accessed under the Open Government Licence v. 3.0
  • Format: CSV

Download the full Public Transport Accessibility Indicators 2022 data profile (PDF 0.2MB) and the Technical Note for further information about this dataset.