MSc in Urban Transport

The Urban Transport programme provides you with everything you need to begin a career as a transport researcher, analyst or planner.

In addition to learning about core transport planning and modelling approaches, a variety of practical skills sought after by employers are covered in the programme such as working with geographic information systems (GIS), data science (using R), and statistical data analysis.

The programme is convened by academics from the University’s Urban Big Data Centre. This provides you with access to cutting edge data (e.g., crowdsourced cycling data or GPS traces), as well as training opportunities and seminars given by leading international scholars.

The structure of our MSC in Urban Transport allows you to focus on particular areas of interest to you. Past students have worked with topics such as ways to promote cycling, consumer attitudes towards connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) or how the transport sector interacts with social and economic inequality. You will work closely with lecturers to tailor the course to your own needs and interests.

The programme has good connections with industry, meaning that many of our past students have successfully secured summer internships during the course and full employment before completing their degree.

Our students tell us that the skills they acquired in the Urban Transport programme have been extremely useful to them - find out more below.

What our students say

We asked students and graduates of the MSc in Urban Transport what they thought of the programme and how it has helped them with their career. Here's what they said...

Shravani Sharma explains how she prepared for her world-changing career by studying for an MSc in Urban Transport with us in her blog 'Using a UK education to create real change' on the British Council website:

"You are encouraged to think for yourself, and my course allowed me to consider innovative solutions to important questions, such as 'How does access to data change the behaviour of a person to choose his travel plan', 'How can we apply the the methods that we learned in real life projects to make mobility safe and smooth?',‘How do you make cities more accessible for women?’, and ‘how do we make our streets and our cities safer for children?’ This gave me more confidence in my own ideas, and the opportunity to share these ideas with students from all over the world.

"We also learned to harness the opportunities offered by emerging technologies and new approaches to urban planning. We studied big data and world leading research. And I had the opportunity to develop brand new research, using my own findings, which I later presented in the international conference 'World Conference on Transport Research.'

"These experiences meant that every lecture offered something new and insightful. I was constantly encouraged to develop my own skills and understanding and, every day I learned important skills that I could apply in my future profession."


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"Being passionate about Transport Planning, I decided to undertake the MSc Urban Transport at the University of Glasgow. Throughout this course, I acquired valuable technical expertise and theoretical skills, which proved to be essential in my job search. Having a strong academic background from such a prestigious university, I managed to find the role I was aiming for in the challenging job market - I started working as Transport Planner in Jacobs UK just before graduating. Since then, I utilise and develop on a daily basis the skills that I gained from the MSc Urban Transport, with GIS software being the most widely used tool in my job. Of course, that would not have been possible without the constant guidance from my professors - Dr Jinhyun Hong and Dr David McArthur - who supported me to achieve my goals." - Eleni Mavrouli

Key facts

  • MSc: 12 months full-time; 24 months part-time