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Event Report: Get the most out of your data - A workshop for Local Authorities

On 12 November 2015, the Urban Big Data Centre hosted Get the most out of your data - A workshop for Local Authorities.

The full-day workshop was part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, which took place from 7-14 November with over 200 free events nationwide.

We were pleased to welcome over 30 representatives from 13 different local authorities and supporting organisations to the workshop, with the aim of increasing delegates' understanding of how best to interrogate complex urban data to inform the development of effective programmes and policies.

The workshop included presentations about Urban Big Data Centre services and ongoing research, as well as focused breakout sessions to provide a forum for delegates to identify needs with regard to data services, explore a range of policy areas where data management and/or analysis is currently a challenge, and to agree on key areas that would be amenable to further big data research and development. We very much appreciate the participation and feedback provided by a range of council workers.

If you were not able to attend or would like to review material from the event, all of the presentation slides can be downloaded at the following links:

We were very pleased to share this workshop with council members and look forward to producing related events in the future. If you have suggestions on what type of activities would be useful, please email

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