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iMCD Project featured in The Psychologist

The UBDC's integrated Multimedia City Data (iMCD) Project has been featured in the latest edition of The Psychologist.

In the June 2019 edition of the magazine, UBDC researcher Dr. Catherine Lido explains how novel technology can be used to explore inclusion in Learning Cities.

In the article, entitled 'Big data in the big city', she asks:

"Have you heard the term ‘Urban Big Data’? Perhaps you have dismissed it as irrelevant to you as a psychologist. I must admit that when I was offered a post researching inclusion in learning with ‘big data’, I thought ‘Oh, that’s for computing scientists, urban planners and transportation nerds’. As the only psychologist in the building, I often wondered where I fit in. But in this article, I’ll explain the emerging concepts of big data and novel technologies, and how I’ve come to realise they may be the key to illuminating our behaviour in a naturalistic and reliable way."

The full article can be accessed on The Psychologist website.

More information about the project can be viewed on the iMCD Project Page.

Image of The Psychologist June 2019 edition cover

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