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Sustainable Learning Cities: Inclusion, Equity and Lifelong Learning


Osborne, M. and Hernandez, S.

In: Howells, A. and Valdés-Cotera, R. (eds.) Inclusive Lifelong Learning in Cities: Policies and Practices for Vulnerable Groups. UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning: Hamburg, pp. 14-85. ISBN 9789282012451

Citizen mobility and the growth of infections during the COVID-19 pandemic with the effects of government restrictions in Western Europe


Sarim, M., Zhao, Q. and Bailey, N.

In: Shaw, S.-L. and Sui, D. (eds.) Mapping COVID-19 in Space and Time: Understanding the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of a Global Pandemic. Series: Human dynamics in smart cities. Springer: Cham, pp. 279-294. ISBN 9783030728076 (doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-72808-3_14)

Is literacy a multi-dimensional concept? Some empirical evidence


Panos, G. A., Theocharis, K., Osborne, M. and Wright, R. E.

In: Robinson, P. A., Williams, K. V. and Stojanovic, M. (eds.) Global Citizenship for Adult Education: Advancing Critical Literacies for Equity and Social Justice. Routledge: New York. (In Press)