blog | 15.02.2021 | Heather Sinclair

New data collections – Adzuna data

The data collections at the Urban Big Data Centre are expanding! Several new datasets will be available from UBDC in 2021 covering a range of topics including employment data.

It has now been confirmed that Adzuna data will be one of the datasets included in this year’s data acquisitions.

Adzuna searches thousands of websites and brings together millions of advertisements on their website. "Zuna" means "abundance" in several African languages and Adzuna aims to be the most abundant classified ads site on the web.

The dataset consists of full point-in-time snapshots with details of all advertisements listed on Adzuna’s website. Content includes data about the job market, including job titles, job descriptions, salary information, location, companies and contract types.

The Adzuna data can be used to research changes in the job market. As UBDC will also facilitate access to data covering the period from 2017 until Spring 2022, the data can be used to analyse changes before, during and after COVID-19.

There are many potential applications for the dataset; the analysis of new vacancies, overall vacancy levels, vacancies by region or job type. Adzuna data is used by researchers at the Institute of Employment Studies to produce a weekly analysis of local vacancies.

The Urban Big Data Centre has a limited amount of credits available to sub-licence the data to researchers at UK universities. Projects will typically be a maximum of two years, although longer projects may be supported.

We are inviting potential applicants to apply to use the data. To register your interest, please see the Call for Expressions of Interest and tell us how you would like to use the data in your project. We can’t wait to receive your proposals!

Heather Sinclair

Heather Sinclair is the Information Services Officer for Urban Big Data Centre. She provides information management services to enhance data collections and support data programmes.