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New data collections – Tamoco data

UBDC data collections are expanding! Several new datasets will be available from UBDC in 2021, covering a range of topics including transport and mobility data.

It has now been confirmed that Tamoco data will be one of the datasets included in this year’s data acquisitions.

Tamoco provides organisations with access to real-time mobile phone location data to enhance understanding of consumer behaviours. Location data contains geographical information about where the device currently is held, a timestamp and a device identifier, which identifies the device rather than the owner. The location, timestamp and device identifier can be used together to track the movement of the device over time.

Tamoco’s geospatial data is derived directly from mobile devices, using a combination of GPS and WiFi to generate industry-leading location signals. The Ordnance Survey location level data is derived from the precise GPS location co-ordinates of smartphones in the UK. GPS location data is often used for identifying accurate locations outdoors, whereas WiFi can provide accuracy indoors, especially in areas where there aren’t any GPS or cell towers available. It is possible to build context of devices using Tamoco’s information about Point of Interests (POIs) in the UK. POIs are physical buildings that are of potential interest to people and may include restaurants, retail stores, museums and many more attractions.

The dataset consists of Tamoco’s Standalone Location Data including raw location events stemming directly from the device Operating System and 7-digit Latitude and Longitude data with accuracy scores. It is keyed on the Mobile Advertising ID and Device IP address.

Tamoco data has been used to identify areas most vulnerable to COVID-19 in Spain. A report based on a geospatial analysis conducted by researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), in collaboration with TAPTAP Digital, used Tamoco data to identify the areas in Spain that required increased measures of protection against new outbreaks of COVID-19.

There are many more potential uses of the data, and we are inviting potential applicants to apply to use the data for their research. This data is available to PhD students and academic researchers based in UK higher education institutions and public sector organisations for non-commercial, academic research purposes or to support policy and operational decision making only. Usage for teaching purposes is not permitted.

To apply, please fill in the UBDC Application Form and check the box next to Tamoco. We can’t wait to receive your applications!

Check this blog regularly for more information about new datasets available from UBDC.


Heather Sinclair

Heather Sinclair is the Information Services Officer for Urban Big Data Centre. She provides information management services to enhance data collections and support data programmes.

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