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UBDC Data Challenge

The UBDC will host a data challenge for this year’s GISRUK conference in support of the sustainable levelling up agenda. For this data challenge, three datasets have been chosen from the Urban Big Data Centre's data catalogue, each covering a different domain. ADDENDUM - See winners below.

Levelling up agenda:

The levelling up agenda aims to reduce regional inequalities in the UK, particularly in areas outside of London and the southeast. The agenda focuses on improving infrastructure and supporting local businesses to create jobs and stimulate growth.

The City of Glasgow:

Glasgow's economic and social history is characterised by its role as a major centre for shipbuilding, engineering, and heavy industry, as well as its struggles with poverty, unemployment, urban segregation, and social inequality. Glasgow has received levelling up funding and can provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of implementing the levelling up agenda.

Data Challenge Objective:

Using the UBDC data provided, researchers should produce a lighting talk which explores, visualises, and/or analyses one or a combination of the datasets in the context of Glasgow and the conference theme.

This submission can be as simple as a map or visualisation, but it can also be a more complex piece of analysis combining different datasets and methods. Please include a title with your submission.


The winner(s) will receive the UBDC Data Challenge award and £200 in vouchers as a prize which can be used in a wide range of outlets.

The Runner(s) up will receive £100 in vouchers.

UBDC data:

Three UBDC datasets are made available for this data challenge and applicants can use one or a combination of these datasets.

  • Public transport accessibility indices

  • Glasgow’s CCTV object detection data

  • Zoopla rental properties and advertisements

While UBDC data should be central to the piece of work, applicants are free to combine other data sources in support of the challenge. Note that Zoopla data requires signing a license agreement which will be provided when registering for the event.

Who can submit:

The UBDC data challenge is open to academics attending GISRUK 2023 but we strongly encourage submissions and engagement from Early Career Researchers. Group or individual submissions are allowed. UBDC staff cannot submit but UBDC students are welcome.

How to register:

The challenge opens on 27th March.

Applicants can register by completing this APPLICATION FORM and submitting it to The two open data sets can be accessed directly on the UBDC data catalogue via the links. Zoopla data will be transferred to applicants once they sign the license agreement (which will be sent to them).


Deadline for submission is 17th of April (17.00 GMT).

Participants should prepare a 5 slide presentation and send to

You will be invited to give a 5-minute lighting talk on the morning of Wednesday 19th at GISRUK. The winner of the Data Challenge will be announced in the closing ceremony.


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to send an email to



Winners of the Data Challenge 2023:

Xiaoyue Xing & Bowen Zhang -
How public transportation network reflects segregation in different social groups.

Highly commended:  

Manon Predhumeau -
Where to spend your golden years? A look at healthcare accessibility by public transport.

Yunbei Ou -
Exploring Fuel Poverty in Glasgow




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