We currently have over 15 external users of our Open and Safeguarded Data Collections, including academics as well as professionals from business, local authorities, and the third sector across the UK.

Through UBDC support, these users are exploiting a range of urban data to understand and improve their communities.

  • A researcher from the University of Stirling is using housing data from the UBDC in their research project, which aims to provide insights that will guide city governments in using ICT to engage citizens in the governance of sustainable cities. Likewise, another Stirling researcher is currently interested in using UBDC data to compare air pollution and traffic flows across major UK cities.
  • A transportation researcher from the University of Aberdeen is using transport data from the UBDC to explore the use of data generated in apps and other self-monitoring systems in active travel planning.
  • A researcher from the University of Warwick is using our geospatial SUDS data to map the general quality of life of people with the long-term chronic illness of Coeliac Disease.
  • A local authority's Chief Executive Office is using our Integrated Multimedia City Data (iMCD) project data to understand citizen values and behaviours.
  • A private individual is using housing data to explore the impact of transport infrastructure on housing prices and rents using hedonic regression.