Adzuna is a search engine for job advertisements and provides data about the job market.

Adzuna searches thousands of websites and brings together millions of advertisements on their website.

The dataset consists of full point-in-time snapshots with details of all advertisements which were on

Access to historical data from Spring 2017 is provided in addition to ongoing data to Spring 2022.

  • Data Owner: Adzuna
  • Coverage (geographical): United Kingdom
  • Format: All common file formats supported, eg JSON, CSV, Parquet etc
  • Who can use this data? UBDC has a limited number of credits available to sub-licence the data to PhD-level students, third party researchers or staff at UK universities for projects of up to 2 years’ duration (although longer qualifying projects may be supported). Academic staff can use the data for their research projects but not for teaching use. Applicants are expected to be in a position to use the licenced Adzuna data straight away once they receive it. Details of projects that have already been approved to use this data are outlined on the Adzuna Data Projects page.

Download the full Adzuna data profile (PDF 0.2MB) and watch the video of our 'Introduction to Adzuna job market data' webinar for further information about this dataset.

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You can also download the presentations from our latest user group webinar on the Adzuna dataset, held on the 24th May 2022: