This dataset is one of the outputs from an Ordnance Survey funded project to link Unique Property Reference Number in OS AddressBase Plus to DLUHC’s EPC data and to Land Registry’s Price Paid Data Set.

The linkage to the EPC data had a 96% match rate. The linkage was designed to allow comparison with DLUHCs own linkage (93% match rate), and to allow for comparison and identification of barriers and issues to accurate matching.

The data set has three fields: the EPC unique identifier; the UPRN; and the Unique Street Reference Number (USRN). 

The linkage was created using a rules-based methodology, which is very labour intensive, but a more precise way of creating linkages, than other methodologies. 

Data Owner: Urban Big Data Centre 
Coverage (Geographical): England and Wales 
Coverage (Time): October 2008 to September 2021 
What can the data be used for: It is Open Data and can be accessed under the Open Government Licence v. 3.0 
Format: CSV 
Link to file: Access the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data to UPRN Lookup data
EPC data profile: EPC Data Profile

Read the study in full (OS Briefing Report): 
Enriching address-based data with UPRNs  

Full technical report: 
Learning from Domestic EPC and Land Registry PPD datasets 

Price Paid Data to UPRN Lookup

Project R code:
GitHub repository