We collect hourly weather observations - for the last 24 hours - for approximately 140 locations across the UK.

This data is collected daily by UBDC via the Met Office API. Our collection covers 30 November 2011 until 6 February 2017 and then 23 January 2018 to date. 

Hourly observation reports are recorded in real-time by the Met Office UK Monitoring System. Observation report parameters are controlled by the Met Office and are based on the instrumentation installed at each site (where a parameter is not available, no data is returned).

Observations are subject to final quality control by the Met Office after publication by Data Point. The quality control process can take up to six months to be completed and therefore any changes made will not be retrospectively applied to this dataset.

  • Data owner: Met Office
  • Coverage (geographical): United Kingdom
  • Coverage (time): 01/12/2011 – to current
  • Who can use this data? Anyone
  • Format: CSV