The Glasgow CCTV Automated Object Detection counts dataset provides counts of pedestrians and vehicles from CCTV cameras located within the Glasgow City Council area.

The council has agreed to make this data available as open data under the Open Government Licence.

To facilitate access to the data, and to encourage its use in widespread analyses, apps and dashboards, UBDC colleagues developed a RESTful API.

The API provides quarterly or half an hour counts of pedestrians and vehicles in JSON format, updated once daily since the project started with four cameras on 30th November 2019. The API can be used to obtain:

  • All counts for all dates and all cameras;
  • All counts for a specific location/camera;
  • All counts for a specific time period;
  • All counts for a location and time period (inclusive);

It is also possible to download all data in CSV format.

Full documentation on the use of the API endpoints is available from the API landing page.

  • Data Owner: Glasgow City Council
  • Coverage (geographical): Glasgow City Council area
  • Coverage (time): 30/11/2019 - to current
  • Format: JSON, CSV
  • Who can use this data: anyone can use the data for commercial or non-commercial purposes under the Open Government Licence terms and conditions.

Download the full CCTV data profile (PDF 0.2MB) for further information about this dataset.