We are a multidisciplinary research group of social scientists, data scientists, and engineers, supported by our Centre’s administrative team.

Yunbei Ou

PhD Student Researcher

Yunbei is interested in improving the energy efficiency of domestic buildings, which would help the UK to meet its ‘net zero’ climate target.

Mohd Sarim

PhD Student Researcher

Mohd’s PhD research focuses on understanding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on applications for unemployment benefits, and how the Third sector could be equipped with analytical tools to improve its employment services using existing and new forms of data.

Taufiq Syahrial

PhD Student Researcher

Taufiq's research examines the unmet information needs of the Jakarta police in order to better their decision-making about traffic patrolling allocations. Subsequently, the study will create an information dashboard to meet the demands.

Andrew Watson

PhD Student Researcher

Andrew's PhD research is focused in addressing shortfalls in our understanding of the investment behaviours of landlords within the Private Rented Sector.