Becki Cox

Becki Cox

PhD Student Researcher

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Research Summary

Research indicates that attractive places which are easily navigated by pedestrians, and where buildings and public spaces sit together harmoniously, support economic development, foster social interaction, and improve people’s health and well-being.

Many cities around the world are currently transforming car-dominated streets into pedestrian and cycle-friendly spaces. The Avenues Project in the Scottish city of Glasgow is one such ambitious scheme; a £115 million investment to make “the city more attractive, ‘people-friendly’, and economically competitive” through major improvements to infrastructure, such as increased space for people walking and cycling.

Robust evaluation and measurement of the impacts of these types of public realm interventions have been limited due to a lack of available data and methods. This PhD will thus develop an evidence base that identifies whether such investments enhance the social life of the city utilising a mix of quantitative (big data) and qualitative methods to gain insight into people’s perceptions and actions.

Research Interests

  • Transport as urban design
  • Methods for collecting meaningful data for walking
  • Factors affecting the success of public realm-led regeneration