Mohd Sarim

Mohd Sarim

PhD Student Researcher

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Research summary

Analytical strategies for improving Third Sector employability services in the post COVID-19 recovery

Mohd’s PhD research focuses on understanding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on applications for unemployment benefits, and how the Third sector could be equipped with analytical tools to improve its employment services using existing and new forms of data. He is working in collaboration with The Salvation Army, a Third Sector organization in the UK, and using data from their Employment Plus scheme. The methods will predominantly be quantitative, including advanced spatial analysis and hypothesis testing. The findings will help advise future policy decisions around employability services and support data-driven decision-making in the Third Sector.

Research Interests

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Work and Welfare Policies
  • Accessibility
  • Machine Learning


  • Sarim, M., Q. Zhao, and N. Bailey. 2021. “Citizen Mobility and the Growth of Infections During the COVID-19 Pandemic with the Effects of Government Restrictions in Western Europe.” In Mapping COVID-19 in Space and Time: Understanding the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of a Global Pandemic, edited by S.-L. Shaw and D. Sui, pp. 279–294. Springer International Publishing. doi:
  • M. Sarim, M. S. Ansari, N. Kanwal and M. Asghar, "Improved privacy-ensuring data-fusion and service recommendation for users in smart cities", IEEE Int. Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), 2021.