Rafael Verduzco

Rafael Verduzco

PhD Student Researcher

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Research summary

Rafael’s PhD research seeks to examine the distribution of the economic benefits generated by public transport infrastructure on real estate by making use of big data as well as open-source software. The project draws on the empirical case of Greater Mexico City, covering a period of over 10 years. The level of public transport service is quantified by a comprehensive set of accessibility measures, which are estimated based on the reconstruction of standardized transit itineraries (General Transit Feed Specification, GTFS) for the timespan studied. The property data is compiled from a variety of sources obtained from administrative transaction records and mortgage valuation records.

The expected contributions include methodological aspects, namely the appropriateness of accessibility measures, the possible benefits of the application of open-source software and big data to study this relationship, and the sensitivity to the spatial analytical unit (the modifiable areal unit problem), as well policy implications related to the potential to share the economic gains of the property market with the community at large.

Research interests

  • Accessibility
  • Transport
  • Spatial analysis
  • Hedonic analysis
  • Land value capture